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IFR / IMC Flying Downloads.

Easy PDF guide on what hold entry to use.
Tracking a Beacon.pdf
NDB Tracking pdf.
VOR Tracking - pdf.
Selective Radial Scan - pdf.
Approach Charts - pdf.
How to remember Morse Code - pdf
Holding made easy - pdf
IFR QUICK Review Sheets - Pdf From Pilotscafe
Tracking corrections to regain track - pdf 

My IFR checklist and procedures - pdf

Presentation in Google slides for setting up an approach
Presentation in Google Slides on a Garmin 430
Presentation in google slides for anyone seeking a Flight Review FAR 61.56

2014 Quick FAR/AIM notes - pdf

Approach log - pdf - Very useful for shooting practise instrument approaches
Organise your Approach - pdf
Dance around a DME Arc - pdf
ADF - Follow the needles - pdf
Top 10 IFR Mistakes - pdf
Human Factors for Pilots - pdf
Holding - The three step - pdf
Five most commom ILS Errors - pdf
Six T's Holding checklist - pdf
Comprehensive Approach Checklist - pdf
10 things an Examiner likes to see - pdf
IFR to Bahamas - pdf
IMC Checklist - pdf
RAIM RAIM Dont go away - pdf
ATC Secret Radars - pdf
Practise IFR radio set up test. - pdf, you will need the Florida TPP for this

Learn to Fly (FAA) - pdf
AOPA Navigation - pdf

FAA D NOTAM's decoder - pdf

IFR / VFR Quick Reference Card FAA- PDF -  Very handy knee-board notes

Quick Reference eBook for USA pilots

EASA Instrument Rating Notes - BCFT - PDF
The Hold
Hold Entry
Hold Entry - Non Standard
Effect of wind in a hold
Wind correction of a hold
Wind correction in a hold part 1
Wind correction in a hold part 2
VOR Hold
VOR Approach
ILS Approach - 1
ILS Approach - 2
ILS Approach - 3
ILS Approach - 4
ILS Approach - 5
NDB Approach
SRA Approach
NDB Tracking
NDB Tracking To
NDB Tracking From
VOR Tracking To
VOR Tracking From
VOR DME Basics

 to follow........

My eBook on Flying Rules of Thumb

FAA - Advanced Avionics Handbook - pdf
FAA - Aeronautical Information Manual - pdf
FAA - Airplane Flying Handbook - pdf (Large 42mb file)
FAA - Instrument Flying Handbook - pdf
FAA - Instrument Procedures Handbook - pdf
FAA - Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge - pdf (Large 102mb file)
FAA  - Aeronautical VFR chart user guide - pdf
FAA  - Aeronautical IFR chart users guide - pdf
FAA  - Aviation Weather Services - pdf

A4 Kneeboard IFR / VFR Quick Reference Card
 - pdf

My IFR PLOG - pdf

Piper PA28 - Avidyne Guide
POH  - Pilots operating handbook - PA28 Warrior 2
POH - Pilots operating handbook - PA28 Warrior 3
POH - Pilots operating handbook -  Piper Arrow 4

FAA - Airplane Flying Handbook - pdf in chapters.
Chapter 1-3
Chapter 4-6
Chapter 7-9
Chapter 10-12 
Chapter 13-15 
Chapter 16 - Index 

FAA - Pilots Handbook of Knowledge
-pdf in chapters

1. Introduction
2. Aircraft Structure

3. Principles of Flight  
4. Aerodynamics of Flight
5. Flight Controls

6. Aircraft Systems

7. Flight Instruments
8. Flight Manuals
9. Weight and Balance
10. Performance
11. Weather Theory
12. Weather Services
13. Aircraft Operations
14. Airspace
15. Navigation
16. Aeromedical Factors
17. Aeronautical Decision Making
Appendix - Glossary - Index

Maps of 1-500,000 around EGLK (Blackbushe)
Map of EGLK area (Edition 38 2012)     Out of date from 7th March 2013
Map of EGLK And to the West (Edition 38 2012)     Out of date from 7th March 2013
Map of EGLK and to the South (Edition 38 2012)     Out of date from 7th March 2013

CAA VFR Guide - pdf
VFR Navigation Techniques - By RIN and GAPAN - pdf

FAA Training Videos and CFI, CFII Notes