EASA Instrument Rating

The EASA Instrument Rating is respected all over the world. Through European Flight Training I can train you on a Single Engine PA28 as well as a twin engine aircraft and a combination of an FNPT II flight simulator. Gaining this major rating will allow you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) - an obvious necessity when flying high on commercial routes.

Requirements for obtaining an Instrument Rating:

Must hold a CPL, or a PPL with night rating, in which case the 7 IR theoretical knowledge exams must have been passed before starting the course.

Must hold a MEP rating or at least completed the MEP flying course if you want to use your Instrument Rating in a multi engine airplane.

CPL, ATPL or IR written exams should be completed prior to flying course

For a CPL holder who already holds a MEP rating (or at least has completed the MEP course) and who holds a valid Class 1 medical, Through European Flight Training I can offer a 45 hour multi-engine IR, which consists of 30 hours in the FNPT II and 15 hours in the PA34 Piper Seneca.

For a PPL holder with Night Rating and MEP rating (or at least has completed the MEP course), who has passed the 7 IR theoretical knowledge exams, and who holds either a Class 1 and 2 medical,

CB-IR - EASA Competence Based Instrument Rating

The NEW and easiest way to obtaining an EASA Instrument rating

According to EASA - there are now 2 different IR-Ratings (We have not included the En-route instrument rating as this is not a true instrument rating as you can't fly instrument approaches) The full IR or the new CB-IR.

Full IR (A)
This is the known IR- Instrument Rating, what enables you to fly all Aircraft you are rated for, under IFR flight rules. The route for the EASA CPL and ATPL students who have NO experience of flying IFR. This route consists of 55 hrs flying some training can be in a simulator, all training must be done by an ATO. This is what most ATO’s want to offer as the income to the training organisation is higher…..


CB-IR - Competence Based IR-Rating -
With ATPL theory exams
This is a full Instrument Rating rating that can be added to a PPL or CPL and also for frozen ATPL Students. This is a full instrument rating, what enable you to fly all aircraft you are rated for, under IFR flight rules. It includes the HPA (high performance aircraft). It is basically made for CPL-Pilots. The training requirements are reducedto 40 hrs flight experience, to make it more easily available for a larger number of pilots.If you hold the EASA ATPL theory, than you also can do the CB-IR training and in the end you will have the full IR (A)


CB-IR - Competence Based Instrument Rating - Without the ATPL theory exams
This will be a reduced theory program with less subjects and less questions... (about 50% from the normal IR) and you have to pass the 7 written exams. It is basically made for Private-Pilots as theCB-IR does not include the High Performance Aircraft privileges.


Flight Training  
Will  be reduced to 40 hrs. Prior flight training and instrument rating experience can be taken as a part of your training towards the 40 hrs of required training.  Only 10 hrs (as a minimum) of the entire training have to be done before the skill test in an Approved Flight Training Organisation ATO

The ATO have to assess the prior flight training, to make sure that the training and the training level is according to the Syllabus